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Make informed healthcare decisions with Camtech Health App and Ideal DNA Testing Kit

Imagine having a tool at your fingertips that gives you vital information to make informed decisions about your health - from skincare traits to longevity factors. Camtech Health Ideal DNA testing kit delves into your genetic code to provide invaluable insights into your health needs, with a simple saliva sample!

Introduce Camtech Health App and Ideal DNA testing kit

What Personalized Traits are tested by Camtech Health DNA Testing Kits?

Camtech Health DNA testing kit

1. Skin Panel:

Our Skin Panel within the DNA Testing Kit is your personalized guide to understanding your skin's genetic composition. Discover the genetic factors influencing your skin health, such as antioxidant efficiency, wrinkles, sun sensitivity, and more. Gain insights into your skin's unique needs, paving the way for tailored skincare routines and targeted solutions, ensuring your skin's radiance and vitality.

2. Fitness Panel:

Unlock the secrets encoded within your DNA with our Fitness Panel. Delve into genetic markers influencing metabolism, muscle composition, endurance, and more. Discover your body's innate abilities and predispositions towards specific fitness activities. With these insights, personalize your fitness regimen for optimal results, maximizing your potential and achieving your fitness goals efficiently.

3. Nutrition Panel:

Revolutionize your approach to nutrition with our Nutrition Panel. Uncover genetic insights into your body's response to various nutrients, dietary preferences, and deficiency of vitamins and minerals. Receive personalized dietary recommendations based on your genetic profile, empowering you to make informed choices for a balanced and tailored diet, optimizing your overall health and well-being.

4. Longevity Panel:

Navigate the path to a healthier and longer life with our Longevity Panel. Gain invaluable insights into genetic factors impacting aging, disease susceptibility, and longevity markers. Identify areas where proactive measures can be taken to enhance your overall healthspan. Armed with this knowledge, make lifestyle choices that promote a healthier, more vibrant life, potentially increasing your chances of living longer and healthier.

Introduce Camtech Health App

Alongside our DNA Testing Kit, we're thrilled to introduce our new user-friendly mobile App, compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Via the app, you could explore our at-home self-collection kits for health and wellness, explore health insights, and receive educational tips and content.

Make Informed Healthcare Decisions

Camtech Health is on a mission to empower people across Southeast Asia to take control of their health and well-being. We integrate multiple disciplines to deliver a seamless sample-to-insight testing experience using home self-sampling test kits - all in the convenience and comfort of your own home.

Begin your journey to a more personalized, optimized life today. Order our DNA Testing Kit and embark on the path to self-discovery and well-being. Join us on this exciting journey of self-discovery and exploration today!


Commonly Asked Questions
1. Can I purchase the Ideal Health DNA Test if I am only visiting Singapore for a few days?

Yes. You can purchase the test through our Partners, who can assist you with the collection and return of your samples. Your results will be made available through the Camtech Health App.

2. Is the Camtech Ideal Health DNA Test safe and painless?

Yes, the Camtech Ideal Health DNA test only requires a saliva sample collection and is completely painless.

3. Is there a difference ordering the test through our Partners?

Ordering the test through our Partners allows our Partners to provide you with an in-depth 1-to-1 review and follow-up with your personalized recommendations.

4. What is inside the test kit?

The Ideal Health DNA Test consists of a saliva collection device, instructions for use, and a return envelope.

5. How long before I receive my results after my sample has been collected?

Your sample will be processed typically between 2- 3 weeks. Your test results will be made available either through our Partners or the Camtech Health App.

6. Who is suitable to take the Camtech Ideal Health DNA Test?

Anyone above 18 years of age are suitable to take the test.

7. Can I purchase this test kit for someone else?

Yes, you can purchase this test for someone else who can then activate the test kit using the Camtech Health App.

8. Can the Ideal Health DNA test be used to diagnose or assess the risk of any health disease or medical condition?

The Ideal Health DNA Test cannot be used to assess the risk of disease or conditions, detect, diagnose, manage or treat any health or medical disease/conditions. Any results from the test should not be regarded as medical information and/or advice.


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