The Future of Genetic Testing

What is Genetic Testing?

Genetic testing is a diagnostic tool that helps in the identification of individual genetic variations that may be responsible for certain medical conditions or diseases in the future. Genetic testing is becoming increasingly popular as more people are becoming aware of the importance of identifying their genetic predispositions.

Various methods, such as blood tests, saliva tests, and tissue biopsies, detect genetic variations influencing appearance, baseline hormone levels, and health conditions, which can be inherited and impact one’s susceptibility to specific illnesses.

Benefits of Genetic Testing

With a good understanding of their genetic variation and predispositions, individuals can take charge of their health.

Early detection of genetic diseases

Genetic testing reveals disease-risk mutations like breast cancer or Huntington’s, enabling early intervention programs for improved outcomes.

Personalized medicine

Genetic testing enables personalized medical care by tailoring treatment plans and customizing preventive measures based on an individual’s unique genetic makeup.

Reproductive planning

Genetic testing can help prospective parents identify whether they carry genetic mutations that could be passed on to their children.

Can Genetic Predispositions Be Overcome?

While an individual’s genetic makeup can determine many of their traits, there are other influential factors like upbringing and lifestyle that can affect one’s conditions. It is possible to overcome genetic predispositions if one makes personal choices to strengthen the body and manage potential risks. 

Non-Clinical, Home-Based Genetic Testing in Singapore

Non-clinical genetic testing, meant for personal well-being rather than disease-related purposes, is a direct-to-consumer option that doesn’t require medical supervision, offering insights into ancestry, physical traits, and nutrigenomic outcomes, without replacing professional medical guidance.

Advantages of home-based genetic testing


Get your home-based genetic test kits delivered to your home with simple instructions that you can follow to collect a sample to be sent to the laboratory for testing. Once the test kit is ordered online, it should reach your home within a few days and your sample will be processed within a few weeks upon reception.


When doing the test from the comfort of your home, you are protected from any stigma or privacy concerns that you might want to avoid. Your genetic report will be sent to you by email and via the Camtech Health App.


Home-based genetic testing also makes genetic testing more accessible to those who have mobility concerns or limited access to healthcare facilities.


Getting direct-to-consumer genetic tests means that you save on medical equipment and personnel costs as you are able to administer the test independently in a painless and safe manner.

Getting the right DNA Testing Kit

Camtech’s Ideal Health DNA genetic tests offer a convenient and straightforward comprehensive test kit. By analyzing 56 unique traits related to skin, fitness, nutrition, and aging, the genetic scoring program considers ethnicity to provide accurate results.

The report includes customized dietary, lifestyle, and exercise recommendations to interpret the results and make appropriate changes. These suggestions are not medical advice but serve as helpful tips on your wellness journey.

Each tested trait is assigned a percentile score, indicating your risk level compared to the general population. These genetic predictions rely on genome-wide association studies conducted among adult populations.

Here are some of the traits that make up the categories in the Camtech Ideal Health DNA test.

Skin Traits

The skin traits tested include:

  • Cellulite
  • Stretch Marks
  • Dry Skin
  • Freckles
  • Premature Collaged Breakdown
  • Youthful Skin
  • Crow’s Feet
  • Sagging Eyelids
  • Sagging Cheeks
  • Antioxidant Deficiency
  • Skin Glycation
  • UV Damage Risk
  • Impaired Detoxification
  • General Wrinkles
  • Sun Sensitivity

Understanding your skin DNA results

To provide clearer insights into actionable information based on the percentage score, we will focus on a specific skin trait and its corresponding recommendations. For instance, if someone’s percentile score for Antioxidant Deficiency is at the 70th percentile, they face a slightly higher risk of compromised antioxidant defense. This can lead to heightened skin sensitivity to toxins and chemicals, resulting in oxidative damage and premature aging.

Enhance your skin’s defense system and personalize your skincare approach by understanding your genetic predisposition. Individuals with a higher risk of collagen degradation should prioritize products and treatments that promote collagen production, maintaining skin elasticity. To support your skin from within, we offer dietary suggestions to shield it against radical damage.

Fitness Traits 

The fitness traits tested include:

  • Endurance Potential
  • Potential for Lean Body Mass
  • Obesity Potential
  • Difficulty in Losing Weight
  • Slow Metabolism

Understanding your fitness DNA results

Explore endurance potential and receive recommendations for improving it by understanding the influence of genes on long-duration activities and the role of slow-twitch muscle fibers.
Tailor your training program to match your endurance predispositions, benefiting your cardiovascular health. Follow exercise recommendations involving gradual increments in distance, resistance, or volume, and consider weightlifting with low reps and high intensity to build strength and endurance.
Enhance nutrient intake through creatine-rich foods or supplements to further support muscle strength and optimize your exercise routine.

Nutrition Traits

The nutrition traits tested include:

  • Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, B12, C
  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Magnesium
  • Selenium
  • Zinc
  • CoQ10
  • Glutathione
  • Monounsaturated Fats
  • Polyunsaturated Fats
  • Impaired Caffeine Metabolism
  • Sensitivity to Gluten
  • Sensitivity to Salt
  • Glucose Balance
  • Impaired Satiety
  • Low-Carb Diet Effectiveness
  • Low-Fat Diet Effectiveness
  • Mediterranean Diet Effectiveness

Understanding your nutrition DNA results 

Getting the right nutrition intake is pivotal for overall health. Nutrition intake plays a significant role in weight management. Consuming a balanced diet that includes appropriate portion sizes, a variety of nutrient-dense foods, and adequate fibre helps regulate appetite, maintain a healthy metabolism, and prevent overeating.

With a better understanding of your nutrition needs, you can help to maintain a healthy immune system and reduce inflammation by incorporating the right balance of fibre, antioxidants, and omega-3 fatty acids. Apart from a strengthened immunity, benefit from improved energy levels, mental health, bone health and digestive health.

Ageing Traits 

The ageing traits tested include:

  • Baldness
  • Healthy Ageing
  • Longevity

Understanding your ageing DNA results

Your body undergoes many changes as you age and it may catch you off-guard even if you have seen it in your parents and grandparents. To facilitate adjusting to the changes or taking preventive actions, the report can help to give insight on your genetic predispositions.

Taking this proactive approach is useful to develop resilience, seek support networks and take part in activities that promote mental and emotional well-being as you navigate the ageing process.

Getting the right nutrition

The recommendations provide suggested nutrient sources at the end of the report to guide you in planning your diet and following the nutrition guidelines. They also include meal plans for breakfast, morning snacks, lunch, afternoon snacks, dinner, and evening snacks, eliminating the need for you to devise the appropriate formula for your suggested nutrient intake.

Start your Genetic testing journey with CamTech

Get ready for exploring potential health issues before they surface with the power of genetic testing. Empower your journey to a happier and healthier version of yourself with a simple saliva test. Without any need for needles our Ideal Health DNA Test will be delivered to your home with instructions, a tube of stabilisation reagent, a saliva collection tube and even a prepaid padded envelope to make it easy for you to send to sample to the lab.

The suggestions for the genetic traits that we test are put together by board-certified physicians and dieticians. Your samples will get sent to the same labs used by primary care providers, hospitals and government schemes. 

We know that health data is highly sensitive so we place utmost importance on safeguarding your data privacy. We only share your information where required to deliver our products and services within legal boundaries. 

When making sense of the report sent to you, remember that the material in the report is not intended to substitute professional medical advice, or intended for diagnosis, treatment or prevention of diseases. If you are thinking to make significant changes to your diet or lifestyle, consult a healthcare professional.  


Genetic testing in Singapore presents a remarkable opportunity to take proactive control of your health and enhance your overall well-being. By offering valuable insights into one’s genetic makeup, genetic testing equips you with the knowledge to make positive lifestyle choices. Armed with this understanding, you can embrace personalised health management strategies, such as tailored diets, exercise regimens, and preventive measures, to help you live a healthier, fuller and longer life.

Shop the Ideal Health DNA Test now and unleash the power of data for your well-being.