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Discover your skin's inherent strengths and weaknesses

Report highlights

Antioxidant deficiency

UV damage potential

It all starts 
with your genes.

Genetic testing uses a person’s DNA to identify genetic variations associated with an increased risk of developing certain conditions or diseases in the future. It gives us the tools to correlate our genetic traits and link them to our health and well-being.

Data from a few large studies estimate between 20-80 % of the risk for developing the disease may be explained by genetics. We aim to empower you to make more informed decisions about your skincare, diet, fitness, and other lifestyle choices and optimize your well-being and long term health outcomes.

Generating health insights conveniently and painlessly

Using the most advanced DNA analysis technologies, our multidisciplinary team of experts developed the Camtech Ideal Health DNA Test which provides Asian-based insights in 4 categories – (1) skin wellness, (2) fitness, (3) nutrition, and (4) ageing.

The test is painless, non-invasive, and only requires a saliva sample collection for our team to generate a health assessment report that contains an in-depth analysis of your genetic traits and risks.

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HPV Test


​Seal, Pack & Return Your Sample

Follow the instructions to secure your sample within the supplied specimen bag, then repackage it back into the designated box.

Return your sample using STANDARD or EXPRESS methods.


​Collect Your Sample

Follow the guidance enclosed in the kit for sample collection — an effortless and pain-free process.


Scan QR Code To Access App & Order / Activate Your Kit 

Begin your health journey with a simple click. Access the Camtech Health App to order a test kit by scanning the QR code or searching "Camtech Health" in your app store.

If you already have a kit, activate it seamlessly within the App.

How Does It Work?

Getting insights to better health should be quick, easy and done in the comfort of your home. We help you understand your health in 4 simple steps:


​Review Your Results In The App

Upon completion of the test, you will receive a GP-reviewed report along with personalized recommendations in the App.

A Virtual consultation will be available if you wish to discuss the results with our doctors!


Scan Qr Code To Access App & Order / Activate Your Kit 

Achieve your health goals. Download the Camtech Health App and order your first test kit.

Achieve your health goals. Download the Camtech Health App and order your first test kit.


​Collect Your Sample

By collecting your sample properly, your results should be reliable and accurate — our easy to follow instructions will guide you through it.


Seal, pack & return your sample

Seal your sample in the provided specimen bag and pack it back into the box.

Return your sample using STANDARD or EXPRESS methods.


Review your results in the app

You'll get a GP-reviewed report and personalised recommendations to improve or maintain your results.

Virtual tele-consultation will be available should you wish to discuss any abnormalities.

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