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Begin your Journey To Better Health.

Browse our tests here and order through the Camtech Health App. Keep a lookout as we constantly introduce new tests to empower you on your health journey.

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Insights To Better Health In 4 Steps

Embarking on your healthcare journey with Camtech Health is effortless. Follow these simple steps to order and receive your personalized health insights.

​Scan QR Code To Access App & Order / Activate Your Kit 

​Collect Your Sample

​Seal, Pack & Return Your Sample

​Review Your Results In The App

When Will The Report Be Ready?

Your test report will be ready in 3-4 working days after your sample reaches our lab. The test report will be available through the Camtech Health App in the “Results” tab.


The results for these tests are intended for personal knowledge and peace of mind.
It is important to note that for legal purposes, such as establishing child support or custody, it is required to opt for a legally admissible test conducted under the supervision of a professional sample collector.

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Order your home self-collection test kits

Complete a medical assessment (if necessary)

Activate your ordered test kit

Review results on the App

Schedule virtual consults to discuss any abnormalities (for certain tests only)

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