Camtech Ideal Health DNA Test kit

SGD 590.00
0.2 kg
Pre-empt potential health issues long before they surface.
Take preventative action to enhance your healthy and productive years.

Camtech’s Wellness DNA test, analyzes 56 unique traits related to Skin, Fitness, Nutrition and Aging. Each of the analyzed traits relies on scientific data to understand your unique personality. Our genetic risk scoring program takes into consideration ethnic background as well to provide more accurate results. 

The DNA test just needs a swab from the mouth using the sampling kit that you will receive upon ordering the test. Once your sample is sent back we will determine these unique traits and create a personalized report for you.

The results will contain customized advice matching your genetic needs. This advice will contain actionable dietary, lifestyle and exercise recommendations.

-> See the Camtech Ideal Health DNA Test kit brochure (LINK) <-

  • 1 set of instructions
  • 1 ziplock bag
  • 1 tube of stabilisation reagent
  • 1 saliva collection tube with funnel
  • 1 padded mail envelope