Camtech COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test Self-test Kit

SGD 13.00
0.2 kg
  • A convenient and safe option to perform SARS-CoV-2 testing privately at your home for yourself or family members.
  • The self testing kit includes everything that you need to perform the assay: 2 sets of test cards, sampling swabs, tubes with buffer solution and instructions.
  • The self-testing kit brings accurate results from nasal (anterior nares) swabs. This type of sample is simple to take from the front of the nose without having the need to perform deep naso or oropharyngeal swabbing.
  • With frequent and regular testing further spread of the virus can be reduced and employees can feel safer to return to work.
  • 2 test kits in sealed pouch
  • 2 sterile swabs
  • Pre-filled vials with buffer solution
  • Instructions printed on the box