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CNA Article: Safeguarding against cervical cancer

Why HPV screening is essential

Take Control of Your Health:

The Vital Role of HPV Screening in Preventing Cervical Cancer

Did you know that cervical cancer, largely caused by HPV, claims the lives of about 350,000 women each year? The good news is that regular HPV screenings and vaccinations can significantly lower this number.

Why Screening Matters:

Targeted Guidelines - If you're between 25 and 29, a Pap smear every three years is recommended. For those 30 and older, an HPV test every five years is the way to go.

Common Misconceptions - HPV can strike any woman, no matter her sexual history. Even if you've had the HPV vaccine, screening is still necessary because the vaccine doesn't protect against all HPV strains.

Self-Sampling Tests:

Screening at Home - These tests let you collect samples in the privacy of your home, making it easier and less stressful to stay on top of your health.

Empowerment - With self-sampling tests, you can take charge of your health on your own schedule, without the need for a clinic visit.

Take Action Now:

Regular Screenings - Early detection through regular screening can help catch and treat precancerous conditions before they develop into something more serious.

Healthy Habits - Alongside screening, getting vaccinated against HPV and quitting smoking can further reduce your risk of cervical cancer.

Your health is in your hands. Prioritize it with regular screenings and preventive care measures.


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